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“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”

(Mahatma Gandhi)

We have been very fortunate in our endeavour to rescue stray cats and either find them new homes or improve their lives within their existing colony. As you can see from looking at pictures on the Family Album and Meet Our Family pages, we have had privilege of spending time with some very beautiful and loving animals. An though we would like to have kept them all, we knew that was not possible and therefore depended on people like you to adopt and provide a loving home for our furry friends.

This section is dedicated to some of the wonderful people who opened their homes and hearts to some of our furry foster kittens. If you adopted a kitten(s) from us and would like to be placed on this site, please email me a recent good quality picture of both the cat and yourself with the cat so that I may include it in this section.

Clicking on images will open a larger version

These two beautiful felines are none other than Charley (left) and Francis (right). If you read Scooter's Story you will remember them as our first two successful adoptions. On the Family Album page you can see the "before" pictures of them being bottle fed and of Charley napping with his stuffed friend during the summer of 2004. This picture was taken during March of 2005 by their new family. They grew up so fast, and look just like their mom, Fluffy. They were adopted together by a loving family in Orlando.

The handsome boy above, relaxing on the bricks in the shade at his new family's house is Max. Max was in one of he last groups of foster kittens we had. There are several pictures of Max on the Family Album page because he was very photogenic and loved to pose for the camera. Max was adopted by Mary Johnson to keep her and her other kitty company.



The pictures above are of Kat and members of his new family, Brent and Wydda. Beth and Brent adopted Kat to keep their other kitty, Wydda, company. At first Wydda wanted nothing to do with the younger Kat. However, after only a little while they became great friends as you can see in the pictures. They enjoy napping on top of the fridge whenever Kat is not sleeping on the TV. Kat also enjoyed his first Christmas with his new family.

Here is Kit and his new human Kasandra relaxing together. Kit is Kat's brother and they look so much alike that I always had problems telling them apart. Both have grown up to be very sweet and beautiful companions for their new families.

Here are a few recent pictures of Bonnie, Clyde and Candy. Barbara adopted Bonnie & Clyde quite a few months ago to keep her company. Both cats were very shy as they had lived on their own for a while before Sonia rescued them. Both had warmed up to Barbara a little, but were not as "snuggly" as Barbara would have liked them to be. Barbara then decided to adopt Candy, who had lived with us since her birth, who was now a year old. Candy is extremely sweet and affectionate and took to Barbara almost immediately. Her affectionate ways quickly rubbed off on Clyde who spends his time napping with her in the recliner and on Bonnie who does not spend as much time hiding in order to get some of the attention that the others are getting. Thats Clyde on the tile, Bonnie with Sonia on a visit to Barbara's house, and then Candy with Barbara. The last picture is of Candy at 20 days old with her mom.


UPDATE: Barbra had to move to a new apartment that would only allow her to have two cats. She let us know about her delima, and we offered to take one of the cats back. Since Bonnie, Candy, and Barbara were getting along so well with each other and Clyde was still very shy with Barb, we took him back. Clyde was older when Sonia originally trapped him and he acted VERY wild when Sonia brought him home. He was hissing, spitting, and screaming so much that Sonia had planned on getting him fixed and then releasing him back to the colony. I decided to give him a chance and "work my magic" on him. I wore gloves when I first attempted to handle him, and he proitested A LOT when I first picked him up. However, after a few sessions with him and some quality "petting time", he began to relax around me. Once he was checked at the vet and allowed to roam free in the house for short spells, it was obvious that he had decided that I was his friend. I would sit on the couch watching TV and notice Clyde as he stealthly approached from around the edge of the room. He would then jump up on the far end of the sectional and lay down. then he would move a little closer and lay down again. He would repeat this until he was right next to me and I was petting him. Now, he just runs over and jumps up on my lap. He sleeps at my feet, and he loves to hang out with Luther.

These are pictures of Dusty at our house at Christmas time just before she was adopted by her new family. Dusty had a lot of fun playing in the Christmas tree and with all of our adopted kitties. The last picture is dusty with her new mom, Marisel. At her new home she also has Marisel's 2 year old daughter to play with. Dusty loves to take baths with her and has fun taking and hiding the girls socks and shoes. Dusty was a very sweet and loving little kitten and we miss having her around the house very much.

More to come as we receive more pictures from the adoptive families.

"Saving one animal won't change the world, but it will change the world for that animal."

- Unknown -

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