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“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”

(Mahatma Gandhi)

Adopting a pet is a lifetime commitment. Before adopting a cat or any other animal as a pet, you need to be aware of their normal life span and be prepared to care for and love them for as long as they are with you. Animals like rabbits have a much shorter life span while others, like a parrot, can out live their owners. A cat that is well cared for and kept indoors can live for 20 years or longer. If you allow your cat outdoors their life expectancy can be reduced in half and their medical cost can be greatly increased due to illnesses and injuries they may sustain as a result of living outdoors.

Deciding to bring a pet into your home is a decision that should not be made

The Newest Batch of Kittens

The kittens pictured below are the latest litter of kittens we have that are available for adoption. The mother is a stray from our neighborhood that we call "Chica". We saw her hanging around the area and could see that she was very pregnant. We began feeding her and earned her trust rather quickly. At that point we confined her to a large cage and monitored her for 10 days at which point we took her to our vet for a checkup. The vet said she was healthy and disease free and gave her her first vaccinations. A couple weeks later she gave birth to 4 black kittens and one gray kitten. Chica was a very good mother to the kittens and very protective as well.


After 6 weeks we took Chica and had her spayed, vaccinated, and micro-chipped. As soon as we get the kittens adopted out we will release Chica back to the neighborhood. She is a very nice cat and we would love to keep her, but we have already exceeded our "cat per square foot limit". If someone would like to adopt Chica, I think she would probably make a good house cat with a little love and attention. Chica is approx. 1 - 1 1/2 years old. I will post a picture of her soon.


The gray one and a couple of the black ones have a small white blaze on their chests

just like their father. The dad has a white diamond on his chest.

He is still hanging around, and will probably be our next rescue project.

UPDATE (May 15th 2008): The gray one (Gracie) is spoken for already and one of the black ones as well.

UPDATE (Sept. 18th 2008) We still have two of the four black kittens available for adoption as well as a third black kitten

that is a rescue from another litter. All three are healthy, loving and playful and get along with our other furry children.

Gracie is enjoying life with her new mom and new brother, a Jack Russel.

UPDATE (January 7th 2009) Gracie and her new human and barking brother are doing great and getting along well. We still

have not found homes for the three black kittens so they and their mother are still living wit us. Mom is very

shy, but the kids are getting along great with our family. They enjoy playing with each other and sleeping wit us.

I also rescued a cute little torti kitten after it was nearly killed by an SUV on a 4 lane road. Picture and details to follow.

Well, I am happy to report that all of the kittens below are now in loving homes with their new families! The pictures below are of the last four kittens we had up for adoption. I will be adding pages about these and other successful adoptions with pictures of the cats and their new families as soon as I can. You can get there by clicking on the pictures below.

Click on image to see larger version







**Dixie & Shorty are members of our family now**



"Saving one animal won't change the world, but it will change the world for that animal."

- Unknown -

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